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Guest Profile


Li Yichao,female,a master student of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Peking University. She mainly focuses on the large-scale biodiversity patterns and causes.



Personal Statement    


Li YichaoHello everyone, my name is Li Yichao. Currently, I am   a master student of Urban and Environmental Sciences from Peking University. My research interest focus on the macroecology, specifically, the large-scale biodiversity patterns and causes. I am glad to participate in the environmental protection project, Popular Ecology, and share my stories.


Li Yichao:Biodiversity seems to be far away from our daily life, but not really. When the scenic primeval forest is over-exploited by humans, when the wild animals are served on the table, when the precious plants are on the verge of extinction, when the water is no longer clear and the sky is no longer pure, people gradually realizes the importance of environment protection. Nowadays, with the increasing academic emphasis on ecology, media exposure on environmental issues, and organizational recognition of environment projects, it is imperative for   the whole society to make more efforts to ecological civilization. Although I was a bit confused when I started to study biodiversity, I found myself immersed in taking actions to protect our environment   during the process of research with colleagues. I hope you will get some inspirations from my experiences and join us in protecting the ecology when you finish this reading.





Li Yichao:If you have the experience of planting trees—even planting one in Ant Forest (a social commonweal activity launched by Alipay in 2016),   you will understand how much efforts you have to make for its growth. However, it could be destroyed simply by an axe, an electric saw, or a fire. Animals do the same. Hunting is the most direct threat that animals are facing now, compared to other factors such as climate change, habitats loss and invasive species. This reminds me of the current coronavirus epidemic. I once came across an article from professor Lyu Zhi, ‘The breakout of this disease is a disaster, but this is also a chance to change. The 15th conference of the parties to the international convention on biological diversity was to be held in China in 2020. China will definitely build its international image and be a leader in this aspect if we have decisive actions and reflective resolutions to perform the jobs of wild animals’ protection and regulation.’. Presently, China has made clear rules to forbid eating wild animals, which is not only an example for other countries, but also a reminder for Chinese people to regulate themselves. Biodiversity surely is not a simple question, but we all know how to protect it and protect our earth.



My Ecology Major


Scientific research in real life is never easy. Ecology major, because of its particularity, sometimes data are gained through fieldwork. But new outcomes or even just a little breakthrough are inspiring and exciting. We, as ecology majors, are doing all kinds of research. Some discuss the best reserves through multiple aspects; some induce the evolution of ecosystem according to functional traits of plants; others try to predict the potential effects that climate change may have on specific distribution by modeling. Besides, millions of young people are doing similar works in similar fields. Every time when seeing them discussing projects with passion and sharing research outcomes, I always feel delighted and even proud. I feel honored to engage in such works.







My Spare Time After Scientific Research


Li Yichao:Apart from scientific research, I have a keen sight to environmental protection in campus. In the industrial ecology class, I once conducted the current situations and causes in the canteen of Peking University with my teammates. After days of careful investigation and questionnaire survey, we made a preliminary estimation of food waste in campus and then proposed targeted suggestions and improvements based on its causes. From the talking with international students in the same group, I got to know that food waste is as common as in other countries. To change the situation of food waste and gather public’s efforts to solve the global issue., it is high time to take measures in accordance with local circumstances, not only calling on people to reduce waste voluntarily.

北大校园食堂 Peking University Canteen



    Pro-Environmental Wishes



Li Yichao:Study is not only to appreciate scientific research platforms provided by schools, but to bear the responsibility of contemporary youth in mind. The story, ‘Six Old Man of three generations in Babusha’ where the desert grew into a new oasis received great compliments. We are all aware that environmental undertakings remain far off and our daily actions are required to be reflected. Perhaps, we do not have to plant trees but can start from ordinary incidents: bringing our own bags in supermarkets, putting old clothes into designated recycling bins, prioritizing public transport. Little behaviors might make just little changes, but the future of ecological environment would be around the corner if the youth took their initiatives. It is never the burden on an individual or a group to protect the biodiversity and ecological environment nor can it be restricted by severe punishment systems. I suppose it may be the original idea of this project. The road ahead is long and has no ending, yet high and low I will search with my will unbending.

Ecology is booming as youth is striving!