青年说 ‖ 郭智孚:打酱油,最好的环保理念

发表时间:2020-09-01 08:51


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Guo Zhifu, Master of Ecology at Moscow State University, has been concerned about environmental protection for 8 years. He is an environmentalist in Shenzhen and one of the most beautiful ecological environmental protection volunteers in Guangdong Province.

When I was a kid, it was my exclusive job to buy soy sauce in bulk for my family. I could get a full glass bottle of soy sauce with a few penny bills. As time goes by, the days of "soy sauce in bulk" have become farther away from us, and soy sauce has become a packaged consumer product. But when you think about it deeper, buying soy sauce in bulk seems to contain a potential environmental protection idea.





Guo Zhifu: In the old days, there was actually packaged soy sauce as well. We buy soy sauce in bulk not because they are of better quality than bottled, nor for the expense pressure. It is all about saving and conservation. Saving is one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese people, and it is also important for environmental protection. For example, if we save one kilowatt-hour of electricity, it is equivalent to saving 0.4 kilograms of standard coal, 4 liters of pure water, and reducing the emissions of 1 kilogram of carbon dioxide and other sulfur oxides; if each person saves a drop of water every day, the whole of China can save approximately 65,000 tons of water a day... Saving paper, food, as well as energy, are all closely related to environmental protection. Therefore, environmental protection should start from saving.





Guo Zhifu:The bottles for soy sauce can be used countless times and can continue to be recycled. Speaking of this, I would like to mention one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century- the plastic bag. Sten Gustaf Thulin, the well-known Swedish packaging designer, felt that the bags made of cotton, linen, and trees were not light, convenient and environmental-friendly enough. Hereby he invented the plastic bag. However, people do not pay attention to the sustainable recycling of plastics and cause serious white pollution. Therefore, environmental protection should focus on sustainable and circular development.





Guo Zhifu:Buying soy sauce in bulk is an environmental-friendly way of life, contributing to zero waste. Although the cork breaks down over time, you can throw it under trees to make the soil fertile. Long ago, there was no waste. All materials can circulate through producers, consumers, and decomposers; all ecosystems can purify and restore themselves. As a result of human over-exploitation and random disposal of some "synthetic waste" that does not belong to nature, the ecosystem is destroyed, and the biological chain is broken, making it impossible for nature to purify and restore itself. Environmental protection, therefore, should be aimed at promoting an environmental-friendly society.




Guo Zhifu:Bulk soy sauce is the intangible cultural heritage left by our ancestors. No matter how the times change, the environmental protection concepts of frugality, sustainability, and environmental-friendly society will always be worth inheriting and carrying forward.